Self Managed Super Fund

SMSF Advice and Administration of the Highest Quality

At Butler, our advisors are highly trained in SMSF (Self-Managed Superannuation Fund) specialization, setting us apart in providing exceptional expertise in this area. We are proud to be affiliated with DBA Lawyers, recognized as one of Australia’s top law firms specializing in SMSFs.

Our dedicated SMSF Division focuses on all aspects of establishing a self-managed complying superannuation fund, covering the comprehensive range of considerations involved. Our compliance team is well-versed in handling annual compliance requirements, including the preparation of financial statements and income tax returns. We also provide valuable assistance to Trustees in navigating their diverse responsibilities.

To enhance the efficiency and accessibility of our services, Butler utilises the fundweb portal, which grants SMSF trustees 24/7 access to a user-friendly web interface for investment and financial reporting. This platform empowers trustees to make informed and timely decisions regarding their fund’s strategy and underlying investments, utilizing accurate and comprehensive financial information.

What sets us apart is that unlike many accountants, Butler Chartered Accountants do not audit our own funds. This ensures that our work is held to the highest possible standard, providing you with peace of mind and objective assessments of your SMSF’s compliance.

At Butler, we prioritize your best interests by allowing you the freedom to select your financial advisors. We operate free from any conflicts of interest stemming from commissions or kickbacks, ensuring that your interests remain uncompromised throughout our partnership.