50/30/20 budgeting strategy

Having a budget can help you stay on top of bills, pay off debt and save for long or short-term goals. There are many ways to go about it. One budgeting strategy is the 50/30/20 approach, which requires you to designate a portion of your earnings to three categories. Some of the benefits include being […]

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How much super should you have at your age?

Your super balance will most likely play a big part in how comfortably you live in retirement. But depending on how far off retirement is for you, it might be difficult to gauge whether your super is on track, or if you might need a bit more saved up to live the lifestyle you want […]

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Getting smart about savings

Saving money doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Some people are wired to save – for others it takes a bit more discipline. But developing good savings habits can do so much for both your financial wellbeing and your future security. Just like money compounds over time, so do our habits. The more we see progress, […]

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How to give your finances a health check

How healthy are your finances? Isn’t it time you put your own financial wellbeing front and centre? You can take control of your financial future quickly and easily, with a simple financial health check. Just like your physical health, it’s worth giving your finances a checkup once in a while. Over time, unhealthy spending habits […]

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What are the steps to investing?

Want to invest but don’t know where to start? Here are five basic steps for investing. Define your goals Taking the first step on your investment journey may feel daunting. However, setting clear goals with achievable targets can be a good place to start in the planning process. ‘I want to retire at 60 with […]

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5 tips for managing your SMSF

Setting up your SMSF is just the beginning. Make sure you’re aware of your obligations as an SMSF trustee and get the most out of your fund with this quick guide. While the list of SMSF administrative tasks and responsibilities may seem daunting, it’s there for a good reason: to ensure your fund’s decisions protect […]

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Australian household wealth

Australian household wealth Is high Australian household wealth a source of support for consumers? Key points Australia ranked as having one of the lowest rates of disposable income growth per capita amongst OECD countries in mid 2023. An increasing income tax burden and mortgage repayments have weighed on income growth, despite solid wages and salaries. […]

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Economic and market overview

A rally in the second half of the month helped global share markets generate solid gains in January, extending the rally from November and December. The latest indicators suggest economic conditions are holding up quite well in most regions, which augurs well for corporate earnings. With inflation still above central bank targets, investors pared back […]

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Falling inflation – what does it mean for investors?

Key points Inflation is in retreat thanks to improved supply and cooling demand. A further fall is likely this year. Australian inflation remains relatively high – but this mainly reflects lags rather than a more inflation prone economy. Profit gouging or wages were not the cause of high inflation. The main risks relate to the […]

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